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AJ Media Entertainment has been known in the event & entertainment industry for professionalism, dedication & commitment.

We have been creating innovative marketing campaign for all our events and have the passion and the ability to transform events into memorable experiences.

Recently on 02 June 2018, Airport Lacoste Centre Summer Festival was designed, planned organized marketed and promoted by AJ Media Entertainment Inc.

It’s said to one of the biggest summer festivals in GTA this year. ALC Festival was major success and various articles were being published in leading newspapers of GTA like “ Brampton Guardian” and many more. There was a footfall of around 10,000 people in a day.
As an Event Marketing, Promoting & Managing company, our role is as follows:

  • Support & promote your show on various platforms such as digital media, social media, Canadian local TV network, Newspapers, Radio station and other local community events in and around GTA and also participate in ground promotion.
  • Create an innovative marketing campaign to promote your show.
  • Support creating and building Strategic to highlight your company as a brand.
  • Would assist to sell show tickets and approach potential sponsors, send proposals to various local businesses and encouraging them to be your show sponsors, thus helping to generate additional revenue for your show.
  • We have extensive experience, resources , team to manage the entire event show flow or segments like event programming, planning, coordination, support in managing artist and local performers as needed.
We believe that events are stories waiting to be told, and like master storytellers, we create experiences that allow your story to unfold in unexpected and memorable ways thus making and creating "Artistic Journey" in the world of Media, Marketing & Entertainment.

ZAKIR KHAN Live In Concert ( Upcoming) – In association with Shilp Entertainment (USA). Our role is to Managed, Market and promote ZK show in GTA along with generating sponsorships and engaging & managing GTA media in marketing and promoting ZK Show.


    Explore our mind-boggling diversity of treats in store for foodies, music enthusiasts, history buffs, cultural admirers, adventurous souls and everyone in between.

    When we're not dancing to drums and rousing music, tossing a caber or sampling delicious local cuisine, we're celebrating our heritage and culture, challenging the world's best contenders in adrenaline-pumping sports, or donning elaborate costumes for street-side revelry. We definitely know how to party! When it comes to celebrations
    Gala Events offers exclusive venue rentals, wedding planning services, full Limousine services, drop-off catering, a one of a kind custom event design, luxury entertainment, and lavish photo and videos.

    We welcome you to explore our services individually. We would have the pleasure to assist you in any services needed for your next event.
    Whether you’re relaxing on vacation or taking time to unwind yourself with family. What better way to kick back than to enjoy a good belly laugh. Discovering unknown talent is a thrill all its own, so we also bring you the comic geniuses of tomorrow.

    Whatever tickles your funny bone, you are sure to find your comic connection right here with us.
    Hearing live music is one of the most pleasurable experiences available to human beings. The music sounds great, it feels great, and you get to watch the musicians as they create it. No matter what kind of music you love.

    Music can have a special excitement, hearing classical music in a concert can leave you feeling refreshed and energized. It can be fun. It can be romantic. It can be spiritual.
    Whether it's a reception, meeting, or lavish dinner, it is that time of year when many companies embark on strategic planning, budget planning, creative planning or even operational planning.

    We will assist you in creating a memorable event that is sure to please even the most discerning guests. Bring your employees to an organized group activity.
    Capitalizing on a celebrity’s fame and fan base is not a new marketing concept by any means. What has changed over time is how brands are using celebrity endorsements and also what constitutes a celebrity. With YouTube's, Snap-chat celebrities and Instagram stars making names for themselves, brands are targeting influences with large audiences to get their brand messages to the masses.

    While we may be getting a bit tired of your event, the best time to begin reflecting and applying learning for your next event is in the few weeks following your fundraiser – this is when your experience will be the freshest in your mind! When reflecting on your event’s success, keep in mind that fundraising events will always be work in progress.

    Even the most successful events have room to grow and build on the experience and success they have created since their inception.

Our fabulous journey in event management business started in the year 2016 and successfully accomplished following projects;

  • Zakir Khan Live in Toronto Show 2018- Event Management and Marketing
  • Airport Lacoste Summer Festival 2018- Event Designed, Production , Management and Marketing
  • Cake Film Promotion & premiere 2018 -Event Management and Marketing
  • Amit Tandon Live in Concert 2018- Event Management and Marketing
  • ”Klip Film Festival 2017”- Event Management and Marketing-
  • Canada Diwali 2017 - Marketing and Production
  • 15th TD Festival of South Asia 2017, Event Designed, Production , Management and Marketing
  • International Yoga Day Canada 2017- Baba Ramdev and sister Shivani- Vendor/Sponsor Management -Supporting Organization
  • Minaaz Diamond and Apparel Show- Media Marketing and Management
  • Baisakhi Festival 2017-Event Designed, Production , Management and Marketing -Gerrard India Bazaar
  • U & Me Valentine Night -2017-
  • Esha Deol Event 2016 -Event Programming & Management -Improve Canada Mall
  • Asia Wedding Lounge 2016 Marketing and Managing Partners
  • Kailash Kher Concerts- Minhas Lawyer- Media & Marketing Partner
  • Ragaa Fashion Award-2016- Ragaa Models for official Media Partner.
  • Diwali Razzmatazz 2016 & 2017 -Production, Marketing & Festival Partner
  • International Yoga Day Festival 2016 -Art of Living for Media Marketing and Promotions
  • Carassauga 2016- India Pavilion -Festival Partner Organization
  • U & Me Valentine Night- 2016- Sellmax Realty Brokerage Ltd

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We provide a wide range of services for various types of events. AJ Media aims to be your one stop shop for on-ground events, online entities and back stage support.


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  1. CARASSAUGA 2016 - India pavilion for Best Partner Organization
  2. INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY FESTIVAL 2016 - Art of Living for Media Sponsor
  3. DIWALI RAZZMATAZZ 2016 - Supporting Organization
  4. RAGAA FASHION AWARD 2016- Official Media Partner
  5. MINHAS LAWYER KAILASH KHER CONCERT - Media & Marketing Partner
  6. ASIA WEDDING LOUNGE 2016 - Marketing Partner
  7. ESHA DEOL IN CANADA - Toplinqs TV
  8. BAISAKHI FESTIVAL - Gerrard India Bazaar
  9. INTERNATIONAL YOGA DAY 2017- Baba Ramdev and Shivani
  10. TD FESTIVAL OF SOUTH ASIA 2017 - Gerrard India Bazaar
  11. CANDA DIWALI 2017 - Indo Canada Arts Council - Marketing and Production Partner

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